Focusable 635nm Red Laser Pointer with On/Off Switch – LLLT

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Laser Diode: Red
Body: All Metal (No Plastic)
Body Color: Black
Batteries: AAA x 2 (Included)
Range: Up to 4000 feet
Power: <5mW (Max. allowed by law!)
Wavelength: 635nm
Measurements: 5.5″ length

You can focus this slender, sharp-looking laser pointer to achieve the smallest possible dot at every distance by turning the gold ring at the front. The special 635 nm diode (within 3 nm of the theoretical limit of 632 nm) provides the extraordinary brightness. This laser outperforms other lasers of 670nm, 650nm, and even 645nm wavelengths. This is the ULTIMATE in a red laser pointer; FDA regulations do not allow brighter lasers for consumer use! It comes with a hard case for easy storage and transport. Caution: never stare directly into the beam of any laser or point it at anyone’s eyes, regardless of the color or power.

Low Level Laser Therapy:
This 635nm, adjustable focus red laser pointer is the #1 red laser pointer of choice among chiropractors, acupuncturists and other healers for take home Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). This adjustable Red Laser Pointer has power output of <5mW at 635nm. With both an adjustable focus beam and a constant on-off switch you have your hands free to adjust the diameter of the beam and dot by turning the aperture.

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