Green Laser Pointer

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Laser Diode: Green
Body: All Metal (No Plastic)
Body Color: Black or Silver
Batteries: AAA x 2 (Included)
Range: 9500+ feet
Power: <5mW (Max. allowed by law!)
Wavelength: 532nm
Measurements: 5.85″ length x 0.54″ diameter

So bright you can see the actual laser beam itself in the dark!

Green Laser Pointers are up to 60 times more powerful than red laser pointers. The green light has a wavelength of 532 nm, which the eye is much more sensitive to than the red 635-670 nm lasers. That is the reason for the exceptionally brilliant visibility of the green beam. The range of the 5mW power output is up to 2 miles under ideal conditions in darkness. Some green laser pointers generate pulsed output and others generate constant output. Pulsed output pointers show a dashed line when the pointer is waved across a surface, while constant output shows a solid line. We only sell Constant Output lasers. Caution: never stare directly into the beam of any laser or point it at anyone’s eyes, regardless of the color or power. Style may vary slightly from picture.

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Weight .5 lbs

Black, Silver


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